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November Home Maintenance Checklist

If you're staring down November (and the holiday rush!) and need to get your home ready for all that's to come, this post is for you!

Put these November home maintenance tasks at the top of your to-dos:

- Clean kitchen exhaust hood and filter - Clean out the pantry and refrigerator - Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - Replace the weatherstripping on your windows - Secure your home from pests and critters - Wash throw pillow covers and blankets

If you're nodding your head, thinking, “yep, this is exactly what I need to do', it’s time to get to it! Don’t let the winter season get the best of you, a little prep will go a long way.

Download the printable checklist below!

November Home Maintenance Checklist - The Dillon Group Real Estate
Download PDF • 5.63MB

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